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> --- Jay Carlson <> wrote:
> > "Eric Tetz" <> writes:
> >
> > > There's is something wrong with (SourceForge).
> > When I attempt to run
> > > flua.exe I get the following error:
> > >
> > >   flua.exe: *** Shared region version mismatch.  Version 26 != 22.
> > >   Are you using multiple versions of cygwin1.dll?
> > >   Run 'cygcheck -r -s -v' to find out.
> > >
> > > The complaint is coming from the cygwin1.dll that you included with
> > dist.
> >
> > Really?  I'll have to go find a *really* virgin system to try this on.
> >
> > If you haven't, could you just extract the zip to a new folder and try
> > double-clicking flua.exe in there?
> Yes, that's what I did.  I *do* have Cygwin on my machine, so I thought
perhaps it was loading a
> different version of the DLL (though it shouldn't, the search should start
with '.'), so I killed
> the PATH. Same error. So I killed all other versions of the DLL.  Same
error. To be totally sure,
> I opened the DLL in my editor and changed "find out" to "piss off". Yup,
it was loading your DLL,
> but that DLL complained about a version mismatch.  So I assumed you must
have included the wrong
> DLL. However, in light of Reuben's reply, it looks more like Cygwin.dll
compares it's version
> number against something in the registry. Bad mojo.

I think it's against other running apps using cygwin1.dll.  I believe they
want only one on a system at a time in order to keep stuff like process IDs
consistent across all executables.

> In any case, I just removed *your* DLL and let it load *mine*, and
everything was fine.

Yeah, I managed to repro this and that fixes it.  Next time I package up
binaries I'll include a note to this effect---mind if I credit you and

> Great work!  I played Tali for a half and hour... :)

Oh, it's MUCH worse when it's on a PDA you carry to meetings... :-)