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--- Jay Carlson <> wrote:
>> it looks more like Cygwin.dll compares it's version number against
>> something in the registry. Bad mojo.
> I think it's against other running apps using cygwin1.dll.

Yeah, assumed it was the registry because I (a) physically removed all copies of Cygwin1.dll, (b)
Win2K diagnostic tool to verify that no copy the DLL was still in memory.  The tool lied. A reboot
allowed me to use your DLL.

> I believe they want only one on a system at a time in order to keep stuff
> like process IDs consistent across all executables.

Yeah, apparently it stores stuff like process IDs in shared memory area which has the same name
across all version of the DLL, regardless of whether the layout has changed.

> Yeah, I managed to repro this and that fixes it.  Next time I package up
> binaries I'll include a note to this effect---mind if I credit you and
> Reuben?

Not at all. :)


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