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--- Jay Carlson <> wrote:
> "Eric Tetz" <> writes:
> > There's is something wrong with (SourceForge).
> When I attempt to run
> > flua.exe I get the following error:
> >
> >   flua.exe: *** Shared region version mismatch.  Version 26 != 22.
> >   Are you using multiple versions of cygwin1.dll?
> >   Run 'cygcheck -r -s -v' to find out.
> >
> > The complaint is coming from the cygwin1.dll that you included with the
> dist.
> Really?  I'll have to go find a *really* virgin system to try this on.
> If you haven't, could you just extract the zip to a new folder and try
> double-clicking flua.exe in there?

Yes, that's what I did.  I *do* have Cygwin on my machine, so I thought perhaps it was loading a
different version of the DLL (though it shouldn't, the search should start with '.'), so I killed
the PATH. Same error. So I killed all other versions of the DLL.  Same error. To be totally sure,
I opened the DLL in my editor and changed "find out" to "piss off". Yup, it was loading your DLL,
but that DLL complained about a version mismatch.  So I assumed you must have included the wrong
DLL. However, in light of Reuben's reply, it looks more like Cygwin.dll compares it's version
number against something in the registry. Bad mojo.

In any case, I just removed *your* DLL and let it load *mine*, and everything was fine.

Great work!  I played Tali for a half and hour... :)


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