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> I think you should *run* (not walk) over to your pristine Lua 4.0 source
> tree and apply this patch to llex.c:
> That's the current ANSI C implementation of the support for this
> Unix-centric scripting function.  And it affects the lexing of every Lua
> chunk, not just files.  You're already using it if you still have the
> parser.  Oh, and by removing this, you'll regain ~100 bytes of sparc code.

And this should not be part of llex.c in the first place, it should be part
of lua.c .. It has nothing to do with the lexer, and this is my whole point.
This is a function that releated to the standalone version of lua, not to
the core library. Ofcause it might be easier to code it in the library but
that does not makes it more correct.

> Do you have true files?  There's stuff in liblua you can rip out if you
> don't have files, like the function I was patching....

My robot lua is ripped and ripped and ripped ....