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> How would the change I suggest make the byte code platform dependent?
> The idea is that all platforms would know how to treat lines that
> begin with sharp sign as a comment.  The byte code with the comment
> would run on Windows just as it does on Unix.

As far as I know, it only unix shells (and some webservers) that will look
at the first line and select the right script executer. But how does unix
select the current binary executer for java files and other funky unix
binaries (xenix ??)  ?

> Much more difficult?  Are you serious?  This patch is trivial to
> implement.  What is your real motivation for opposing this?  None of
> the arguments you present make much sense to me.

Yeah its not that hard :-) but you will have to create a bigger header and
I'm interrested in keeping the compiled bytecode as small as possible.