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Erik Hougaard wrote:
> But how does unix select the current binary executer for java
> files and other funky unix binaries (xenix ??)?

Right, another option for John (and superiour in my opinion) is to use
binfmt.  With the recent release of binfmt-support it's easy to set this
stuff up.  It's possible to feed environment variables to the bitfmt wrapper
script to select the interpreter path as well.

On a more general note, I acknowledge that there are two Lua camps... both
valid.  One treats standalone Lua (which is just a snapshot of Lua...
remember the standard libraries can be completely changed while still
calling the result "Lua") as if it were Perl or Python.  The other treats
Lua as something to link to their app and extend at will.  To someone in the
second camp like me, doing things like implementing Lua on the Java VM or
making a Debian package that actually installs an executable is going to
look strange.  (For example the main reason I use Lua as opposed to
something on the Java VM is because those don't fit on my target system.)
Anyway my point is that we should be aware that these different camps exist
when we post to the list.