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Erik Hougaard wrote:
> Your are (maybe) missing my point, a message archive is not the way to
> present Lua to new users - that will scare people away compared to other
> languages. We need a nice indexed information source with code, ltn's
> articles, tips tricks ... The wiki is the right way to go (I have no idea
> about the technology behind wiki) from a information indexing 
> perspective -
> but there can be only one and it has to be on
> /Erik

Currently (I recap for Bob, which is new to the list and asked separately),
there are two Wiki Wiki Lua sites: (historically the
first, I think, using a Web service, needing login) and (owned by Jean-Claude Wippler, I believe, using his own technology,
public access).
Although they are more complementary than concurrent, it is annoying to have
two distinct repositories. So I agree with Erik, we should put up one on the
Lua official site, if possible. Perhaps with JCW's technology, since it is
quite portable.

Now, Wiki Wiki are useful to allow anybody to update Web pages on a site,
but I am not sure it allows easy indexing.
The engine behind that is a parser (to allow primitive tagging and
hyperlinking) and a database storage (to keep an history of page versions, to allow
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> Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 11:59 AM
> Subject: RE: split/join
> > We could ask to archive the list. There
> search/browse
> > facilities are very good.

There is already an archive of the list, on the Lua site. Of course, you
have to download it, decompress it and make a search, but it is usable.
OTOH, a Web searchable list can be useful too: always up to date, no space
taken on disk. But less practical to browse.

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> > Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2001 9:28 AM
> > To: Multiple recipients of list
> > Subject: Re: split/join
> >
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> > > Or put them on one of the Wiki Wiki Lua site.
> >
> > I do belive that it vital for Lua that a source archive thingie 
> is created
> > on One of the main problems with lua compared to other 
> languages
> is
> > that lack of a single point of entry to information. Newbies are working
> > overtime trying to find stuff because the only real place of 
> value is this
> > list and the archives are not very userfriendly(.org :-)
> >
> > We need a single place for the good stuff and it can only be on LUA.ORG
> ...
> >
> > /Erik


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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