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Here is a games that I did in 1999.  The important points are:

* you can see it does 41 frames per second with 20 sprites all redrawing
every frame (i.e. no fancy optimizations), that's on a 233 MHz PPC Mac

* the entire game is written in Lua including the sprite engine and
collision detection; there is nothing specific to a game of any sort built
into Lua

* it uses a set of Macintosh C++ classes that I wrote and bound with toLua

* basically it's a framework for writing Macintosh applications in Lua
including sound, midi, windows, masked bitmaps, communication, and file and
memory streams; included is the class hierarchy

* the app is called Slate (because it's a blank slate)

* the framework was not released, maybe I'll make a Carbonized version now

* the framework including Lua is 380k and the external file that implements
the game including graphic and sound resources is 500k

* the game is 400 lines of code

As always Lua amazes.


> From: Roberto Ierusalimschy <>
> Reply-To:
> Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 22:11:49 -0300
> To: Multiple recipients of list <>
> Subject: call for images
> Does anyone have interesting images related to Lua? (e.g. generated by some
> program that uses Lua...)  Some people here are preparing a  CD to show off
> the University, and so they would like some nice pictures to illustrate
> Lua (pieces of source code do not motivate those people ;-)
> Please send any contribution directly to me. Thanks in advance,
> -- Roberto

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