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A couple comments...
Unless you pay (I seem to remember U.S. $60 per list, but I'm
not sure) you get advertisements on every message. If you choose
yahoo groups I would gladly contribute to removing this.
(this is how it was when it was e-groups. I don't
see anything mentioning this option for yahoo. If
there is no way to prevent the ads, I'd rather
have the list elsewhere.)

In my experience, yahoo groups is reasonably fast. (I don't
recall exactly, but it seems like the messages normally appear
in minutes rather than hours)

Another option would be to host the list on sourceforge (this
does NOT require that you host the whole lua project there,
you can have a project that is just a mailing list). This
is how the Game Dev Algorithms (gdalgorithms) list works.  
Sourceforge gives you the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe
via a web page (or using traditional mail commands), and has web
browsable archives. IMHO, the sourceforge web interface is
inferior to the yahoo groups (the handling of list threading in
the archives is worse is even worse, for example) 

I have not had trouble using the yahoo groups web interface
with netscape, but I don't use it very often. OTOH, sourceforge
will almost certainly continue to work with non-IE browsers.

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> It's almost an year since we installed the new (Lua based) list server here at
> TeCGraf. On the whole, I'm pretty satisfied with it, but lua-l has reached a
> size that I can no longer manage it by hand. Plus, the server is not spam proof.

Reed Mideke
email: rfm(at)  -If that fails:  rfm(at) 
My old rfm(at) email is going away. 
Use the one of the above instead.