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Regarding wiki's, Nick Trout wrote:
> Could we just settle on one? The Lua community is quite small so I think
> would be beneficial for us all just to use one site. If they are both free
> then thats not an issue. They both seem to have the same features. I've
> no problem with the Swiki reliability, sorry havent used the other. I
> the swiki one was set up first and has more people registered (ie. 4 to 2
> :-D) ? has always had reliability problems.  At one point it was down for
several days and I was ready to move the content to  But since
that long outage reliability has improved.

The main advantage of is that it supports file uploads, which is a
help to casual net users who don't have online storage.  The main advantage
to is stability, as Jean-Claude backs it. is a free
service by a for-profit company, and could disappear without notice.

Jean-Claude and I have discussed some upgrades to the wiki,
including addition of a file area.  Until that is worked out, we'll have to
continue with two wiki's.  I don't think it's so difficult to move the
content later on, so I recommend to use whichever feels comfortable.