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Nick Trout <> wrote:

>From: Philippe Lhoste
>>>Until now, I have a hard time to find some Lua scripts on the Web, at
>least outside of TecGraf.
>You could put them here:
>There is no point everyone setting up Lua resources. We should all just
>contribute to the Lua Wiki! :-)

There is a second Lua wiki at ... I don't
want to downplay the fine Swiki you mentioned, but I've had lots of
trouble reaching it over the past months.  Including a few minutes ago.

You are (everyone is) welcome to use the wiki for sharing ideas
and code - it was modeled after the very active Tcl'ers Wiki (http://, both are part of my very long-term commitment to support
valuable open source activities.

Then again, if everyone feels that the swiki is preferable, that's
absolutely fine with me as well.  I have no interest in competing whatsoever.

FWIW, the wiki already has some Lua sample code.