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--- Markus Huber <> wrote:
> > Lua's primary goal is to make a powerful language available to those
> > who wish to embed one in their products.
> True.
> > One of the reasons that I really like Lua is that it has provided me
> > with a powerful embeddable language that is both small and fast.
> True. But Lua seems to be so small, powerfull and fast, that its also a
> real choice for stand alone programms. I need a language wich has all
> the benefits like fast development, simple to understand, clever syntax,
> portable and so on - I am so happy to find Lua.
> C, Java... need to much development time
> Python... I think the syntax system is stupid, because I like
>           to format it readable:
>                             print ("  Function ",Function  )
>           if Delimiter then print (" Delimiter ",Delimiter ) end
>                             print ("    String ",String    )
>                             print ("Expression ",Expression)
> PHP... the other side of a language x-thousand commands
> Perl... to cryptic
> Ruby... ? never used

A very, very cool language. Definitely worth checking out.  Of all the interpreted languages on
your list, I would say Ruby is the best stand-alone development language. It is by far the most
modern; it was designed to be the successor to Perl and is already more popular than Perl in Japan
where it was invented.  It has all the power of Perl (and then some) but it is fully object
oriented (even primitive types are objects) and has exquisitely clean syntax.

> Pike... more like C I think
> tcl... ? never used
> Alternatives?
> Markus

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