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Markus Huber <> wrote:

>[...] But Lua seems to be so small, powerfull and fast, that its also a
>real choice for stand alone programms. I need a language wich has all
>the benefits like fast development, simple to understand, clever syntax,
>portable and so on - I am so happy to find Lua.
>C, Java... need to much development time
>Python... I think the syntax system is stupid, because I like
>          to format it readable:
>                            print ("  Function ",Function  )
>          if Delimiter then print (" Delimiter ",Delimiter ) end
>                            print ("    String ",String    )
>                            print ("Expression ",Expression)

Are you dismissing a language on the basis of visual preferences?

>PHP... the other side of a language x-thousand commands
>Perl... to cryptic
>Ruby... ? never used
>Pike... more like C I think
>tcl... ? never used

Tcl/Tk is not "in".  I have no idea why.  I use it quite a bit.


Does my help?