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>>Delphi is Pascal, not C. The header files need to be rewritten using
>>pascal syntax.
>I know that Delphi is Pascal, not C. I only meant that I understand
>that you
>need to compile Lua in a certain fashion so that it can be linked with
>programs; this is what those macros should allow you to do easily.
>On the other hand, I see now that perhaps you need also a or
>with Pascal declarations of the Lua functions. And this we don't have.
>If someone could send me such a file I could add it to the
>distribution or
>add a script to created them from the C include files.

You don't need a special compilation of lua for link it with delphi, a standard 
windows compilation is god, the problem is to translate the declaration of all 
lua function and lua type in pascal code.

The compilation was only important for known the convention of call : "cdecl" 
or "stdcall"

For an automatic convertion we have tools but it convert only simple headers 
and always need correction for obtain an usable delphi header.

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