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Unfortunately there is no fool-proof method (that I know of) to convert a C
header file to a Pascal import unit.  There is Dr Bob's headconv utility
that does a good job of most of the conversion, but it still needs to be
fixed up by hand to work properly.  Lua needs to be compiled into a DLL and
the Pascal import unit links to that DLL.

Hmm...  I wonder if C++ Builder could be used to generate an object file
that Delphi could possibly use...

Steve 'Sly' Williams - Code Monkey -

> >Delphi is Pascal, not C. The header files need to be rewritten using
> >pascal syntax.
> I know that Delphi is Pascal, not C. I only meant that I understand that
> need to compile Lua in a certain fashion so that it can be linked with
> programs; this is what those macros should allow you to do easily.
> On the other hand, I see now that perhaps you need also a or
> with Pascal declarations of the Lua functions. And this we don't have.
> If someone could send me such a file I could add it to the distribution or
> add a script to created them from the C include files.
> --lhf