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> > ColorForth, I agree, is rather anorexic;
>                                  ^^^^^^^^
> Hmm... my dictionary chokes on this one.  But doesn't sound good
> anyway ;-)

Anorexia nervosa is a disorder whose sufferers starve themselves.

> But if the color makes syntactic and semantic differences?!?  I'm not
> sure of I should like that.  IMHO it's just a matter of time until he
> makes special glyphs for each word so that a complete program fits on
> the display of a modular phone ;-)

Hmm...or one could just code in Japanese. But colour is used for syntactic
and semantic differences in syntax highlighting; it's just that it's
redundant there.

> That are two good examples.  But contrary to you I think it would be
> better to allow some changes to the language to make these features
> good.

So do I, actually.

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