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>Sol is not Lua.

I'm glad someone else said that. But in this case, it's pretty clear that Sol
is not Lua: it has a different name.

>If you dont like the language, use another one!

While this is certainly true and there are languages out there for every taste
(but clearly they do not cater for our needs: that's why we designed Lua!),
we don't want to shy people away from Lua, on the contrary.  I just want
to repeat here that we do listen to everything discussed in the list and
the needs of our users; several features suggested in the list have been
incoporated into Lua. On the other hand, it is also clear that Lua is not
designed in the list, nor by committee or poll. :-)

>The metaprogramming aspects of Lua do take a bit of getting your head round.

That's what Lua is all about: metamechanisms. Of course, it doesn't hurt that
it is also 100% portable, small, and very fast...