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>Am I alone in feeling aggrieved to receive an
>unsolicited 1Mb attachment to an email sent to 
>this list containing a 12 page coloured brochure 
>for a conference (12-th page was blank).

I'm awfully sorry about this. I've already complained formally to them and
they assured me that this will not happen again.

I try to make sure that lua-l gets as little spam as possible without making
it inconvenient for people in the list to post from (slightly) different
addresses and also to allow people from lua-l@egroups to post too (I don't
have access to their list of subscribers and so I cannot simply allow posting
only from the poeple in our list).

As it goes, lua-l gets very little spam (19 since Aug 2000, against 1560 good
postings) and this last one was by far the worst.
I have setup a filter that already gets most of it from the subscribers.

Again, I'm sorry for the spam. Just rest assured that it's being monitored,
but sometimes it gets through.