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Am I alone in feeling aggrieved to receive an
unsolicited 1Mb attachment to an email sent to 
this list containing a 12 page coloured brochure 
for a conference (12-th page was blank).
I am a retired maths teacher, not rich, with an old modem
on a telephone line. Not only can I not afford travel
to Brazil, it seems that I cannot afford to receive
unsolicited notices about these things. In my opinion,
anybody sending more than 300K unsolicited or without
warning is either pig ignorant of etiquette or
very discourteous. You would have thought that those
sending such things on behalf of a computer science
department would know better. I would be grateful if
those on the list who know who is responsible
for this spam would whisper a few words of advice
about the conventions of polite communication on
the net. I would not like to see lua-l blacklisted.
-- Thanks
Gavin Wraith ( or (
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