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--- In, Daniel Krenn <daniel@k...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just wondering if any progress has been made with regards to adding
> coroutine support to LUA?? - This is the main stumbling block we've
> come across while trying set up cooperative character scripts...


I did post some code about 1-2 months ago about my lua co-routine 
implementation (unfortunateley i could not post the whole code 
because of a non disclosure agreement i'm under). You could use that 
as a basis for lua co-routines. In general, minimal modifications are 
needed to make coroutines for lua. Unfortunateley, the "quick" 
solution tends to be less portable since it implies assembler code to 
manipulate the system stack and can be unstable on some platforms 
that make some assumptions about the stack (e.x: PS2). Another 
solution that would be nice if implemented in Lua would be to make 
lua stackless. This way coroutines could easily be implemented in a 
cross-platform way.

Originaly, we wanted to use Lua as our scripting system. So i have 
implemented a simple co-routine system on top of Lua. After some 
tests, we are hoewver considering making our own scripter because of 
some performance issues on the Playstation 2 platform.

Sebastien St-Laurent
Software engineer, Z-Axis Ltd.