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>I believe there are two little problems with the HTML version of the Lua 4.0 

Yes, it is a bug in the conversion to HTML. Sorry about that.
The PS and PDF versions should be taken as "the" correct versions (but probably
have bugs too...)

Thanks for spotting those bugs.
We plan to update the online versions of the manual independently of the code.
We did not do this before releasing 4.0 final to avoid any further delays.

>I am not sure for the absence of `^' (both in HTML and PDF), as it seems to 
>belong to the math. lib., but is listed in the binop below.
>Same for `:', which is used in the notation t:f(x). Should it be in the list 
>above, or is it a special notation, not a token (whatever a token really 
>is...)? Since you list this notation as "syntaxic sugar", perhaps it is not a 
>real token (ie. doesn't generate a specific bytecode, or something like that).

`^' does generate a specific bytecode.