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For those interested, I wrote to Swiki.Net about their privacy policy and
this reply came:

Thank you for your interest at  We do not and will not sell or
give your information away to anyone.  In fact, if you do not feel
comfortable giving the information, enter bogus information.  We had
originally intended there to be a pay version of (
for which we would need the info for billing and demographic purposes.  To
date we have not even looked at any of the information and I doubt we ever

The one exception to this is your email address.  We do use the email
address to email a link to change your password if you forgot your old
password and to email you if there has been an update to a page on which you
requested to be notified of changes (this is an optional service).

As far as your password goes, we are unable to unencrypt your password even
if we wanted to.  So we can't even email it to you if you forgot it.  We
simply email you a link to change it.

I hope this answers your question.  Please do not hesitate to let us know if
you have any other questions / concerns.


Mike Sheridan