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>----- Original Message -----
>From: "John Belmonte" <>
>To: <>
>>Sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2000 1:12 AM
>>Subject: about the Lua wiki
>>I have to ask, why are you translating the Lua manual onto the wiki?  I
>>don't think that is useful for several reasons.  The Lua manual is an
>>official text so it shouldn't be in a malleable form like a wiki.  It will
>>take a lot of work to keep the wiki version up to date.  Having all the
>>manual text will make wiki searching slower, and all the manual pages will
>>distract everyone from the main point of the wiki which is for the
>>to make its own knowledge base.  I really recommend just making a link to
>I thought it could be a useful base for links to other topics in the
>swiki-pages to have the manual in swiki-syntax.
>But the more I work on it, the more I think that you´re right :)
>It´s a lot of work...
>Perhaps the others could post their position about that.

I agree with John.

I've just downloaded Erik's binaries for win.  Initially,
my intention is to be a naive user.  By that I mean to
use Lua Standalone (luaSA?).  I would find a tutorial
on luaSA very useful.  I'm willing to proof-read any
attempt at such a manual.  I'll be able to provide the
perspective of someone who knows C (intermediate level)
but who is new to luaSA.

Such a tutorial is vital to increasing the use of lua;
after all, the intention is that there will be more
end-users (i.e. those using luaSA) than those embedding and
extending it.  Perhaps the wiki will encourage such a 'project'.
I'm happy to help in any way possible.

I now have a copy of LCC-Win32 and intend to use it from
the command line.  Is anyone able to advise on preparing
a makefile for lua using LCC-Win32 (command line)?

Thanks in advance.

Regards sns
  -- checked out python, perl, icon, REBOL, tcl, Z(apl),
     metacard, vb, awk for scripting.

     Chose lua for:
     simple imperative syntax, tables as the fundamental
     data structure, functions as first-class citizens,
     efficiency (time/space), the virtual machine and bytecode,
     good information hiding via "local var" and tables,
     objects and OO can be programmed very easily in the
     language if I want to - they are NOT pushed down my
     throat, a small but growing library, open source
     pure C implementation, the options to extend and embed
     and most of all SOLID ENGINEERING and DESIGN by people
     who know that less is more.
     I'm grateful to the creators and maintainers of lua, the
     creators and maintainers of lua libraries, to all
     the experts who help on this list, and to those who
     provide binaries.