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--- Thomas Praxl <> wrote:
> I found a nice wiki-implementation: swiki. The only inconvenient thing is
> that everyone, who wants to edit it, has to SignUp once.
> But this swiki gives us more security than most of the others do.
> For each topic there´s a history. So if anyone deletes a topic or
> destroys
> it, you can look at the older versions. And there is the possibility to
> "roll back" a topic -> this restores an older version.
> Swiki has pretty easy syntax and is able to interpret html.

I didn't know about  I wouldn't call it a wiki implementation
but rather the "EGroups" for wiki's.  I'm concerned though that they have
no privacy policy posted and require email and home address for edit
permission.  I'd be reluctant to register under those circumstances.

Wiki implementations such as Moin support version history, and even for
those that don't it's enough to just run a backup every day (keeping about
1 week's history).  But is actually hosting for "free" which is


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