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2000-11-22-18:23:09 Erik Hougaard:
> Does anyone have a nice piece of Lua code that would parse a CSV
> (Comma Separated Values) file?

A suggestion: it might be a groovy thing if someone were to take a
good, tight CSV parser written in an appropriate low-level language
--- possibly but not necessarily the one used in the Perl
Text::CSV_XS module --- and create a nice simple Lua binding for it.

I suggest this because that route turned out to be far and away the
best in perl. While perl may be bigger than Lua, and slower at some
jobs, it's pretty darned swift at string manipulation, and still the
low-level version of that module is strongly preferred.

Besides the general difficulty of doing completely accurate CSV
handling at all, another issue is that often (not always, but often)
CSV us used as a table representation, and in many settings tables
get big; getting good performance at the CSV I/O interface can be
excruciatingly important.


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