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> I agree. Especialy with my current time constraints, what ever time i
> cna save with the implementation of a scripting engine can be usefull
> to me in implementing other features.

4-5 years work in Lua already? Now reentrant and getting faster! I like
Python better but cant really compete with Lua when you embed. New list
iterators nicer (more Pythonesque ;-)

> So far, besides a few issues
> that may araise (especialy with PS2 compatibility). I'm seriously
> considering Lua

Interesting. What are the PS2 problems? I'm currently writing cross platform
libraries for DC/PS2/PC. Strangely main problem is const correctness so
far!! And memory alignment a bit. Still more to do though!

> Tnx. I did some work on Space Invaders myself last summer. Right now
> i'm working on a Dreamcast port of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX. And no,
> the company moved across the bay a few months ago, it's now located
> in Hayward.

Nice. DC is okay I think.