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>From  Wed Jul 19 00:06:22 2000
>From: David Jeske <>
>In closing, most of my Lua-wish-list features are pulled right out of
> - simultaneous support for integer and floating point types

Sometimes I think about this too, but in the end it always seems to complicated
to be worth it, plus it would probably bring a performance hit.
If you really need integers, then you probably do not need floating point...

> - linked-list datatype 

Why do you need that?
Tables in Lua are *the* data structure and everything else can be implemented
with tables quite efficiently. What is wrong with and a.prev?

> - next tag-method (so you could truly implement a new type of table
>     or list datastructure. Although I assume Lua does not
>     have it because it's more complicated than it seems.)

Yes, the semantics of a "next" tag method seems too complicated.

> - Python style "for x in [a, b, c]" loop

Lua 4.0 wil have this in the form
	for i,v in {a,b,c} do ... end

Of course, any expression can appear in the place of {a,b,c}.

>That said, the simplicity, portability, and speed of Lua keeps me
>happy using it for embedded scripting. :)

Thanks! That's our goal.