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>From  Wed Jul 19 19:51:30 2000
>From: Andy Tai <>
>Maybe the Lua developers want to add a standard way of doing classes?

I don't think this would be consistent with Lua's philoshophy of providing
meta-mechanisms instead of features.
I think that any such move would have to go into the syntax and
we (the Lua team) don't want that.
We simply give you a:f() as a way of defining and calling methods.

Of course, that does not stop the community from trying to reach a consensus on
how to make classes from different authors work in concert.
What Lua does provide -- and that was a major conceptual change brought by
Lua 3.0 -- are tag methods so that classes can be written *without* interfering
with one another, which is the exact opposite of what you seem to be suggesting.

>From what I gather from recent postings, we (the Lua community) sometimes miss
Python's or Perl's large library of contributed code, but we prefere Lua
exactly because of that!