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>The CGILUA source code will be available very soon.  There are
>many things changing internally (that will not affect 
>the users) and I think the new version will be released 
>with Lua 4.0.

Once the sourcecode is released, I could compile a binary release for use 
of others. I think for myself I need a much extended cgi application, 
because I want to extensively make use of shell like constructs and later 
possbily want to integrate parts of the tuxedo (BEA's transaction monitor) 
api. Psossibly I can load such modules dynamically. 

Unfortunately I need to do this work now - we are under pressure to bring 
our migration from TANDEM to HP-UX forward. So in the moment I did write 
the application in C (that's what I can) with libcgic. I generate HTML 
Pages directly out of C (not comfortable). 

I would dream of some kind of application server to do such things later. 
I like this way of generating HTML out of Lua code provided by the HTML 

But what about doing this the other way round: Have a browser, which 
converts HTML (as one plugin of several possibilities of fileformats) on 
the fly to lua and then executes it for presenting (rendering) the 
viewable page on the screen? Is this idea new? But for this purposes one 
would need at least a powerful GUI toolkit or UIMS. And powerful means not 
only feature loaded, but also fast!