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At 09:41 10/07/00 -0300, wrote:
I also thought about such things. I thought about developing a small
graphics lib for lua. There are preprocessor defines in header files like:

#define WHITE 0xFFFFFF
#define BLACK 0x000000

If I would use the lib, I think I should make real variables (floats or
better strings) from them, because otherwise a lua script, which uses the
lib would not know about them, if I would just use $defines for them on
the lua side.

There are so much libs. How is this handled e.g. in the IUP binding for


Hi Martin,

In Iup, all attributes are strings,
making the IupLua binding quite straightforward.
For instance, the white color is represented by "255 255 255".

Renato Cerqueira
Research Staff Member, Tecgraf/PUC-Rio