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> > I'd like to use ldb, but I'm having problems downloading certain files
> > the website:
> > Both the gzipped paper and the ldb Reference Manual don't unzip properly
>	They were not zipped, but gzipped.  That's the problem.  I am
> building a zip version of those files.  They will be available in a few
> minutes from now!
Thanks!  Actually Winzip should unzip gzipped files, but I'll try your new 
versions anyway.

> > even though the files are large enough to hold the text files, winzip
> > them as being empty.  The ldb distribution itself worked fine.  Has
>	I am surprised that it worked fine!  It was developed for Lua 2.3
> and almost anything was updated since Lua 3.1, as you can see at the
> section of the page...
:-)  Actually, when I said it worked fine, I meant it unzipped fine.  I
put any ldb into my code yet.

Incidently, the filename ldblib.c conflicts with the ldblib.c file that
with the lua 3.2 distribution.  I changed the name to ldb.c (and ldb.h for
consistency) and everything compiles fine.

> > else had these problems?  Does anyone have an unzipped ldb Reference
> > they can send me?
>	I was doing some improvements since the beggining of 1999 when I
> realized that nobody was using it and with the new debug API it will
> quite unusefull...  Anyway I can give any help if you want!
I'm interested in ldb because it has "break" and "stop/continue", something 
which I want to explore for my application both for debugging and to pause 
lua scripts during normal execution.  Lua's debug API doesn't seem to 
have a break or stop/continue.  Is there a simple way to implement this?

Thanks for your help!