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Nick Trout wrote:
 >> tree view and an editor (keywork highlighting etc), trace window,
output/error log etc.
 >> We'll have to try and do some swaps.

   If interested you can follow the "Lunacy" link on the Lua add-ons page
and find a very early version I made with Delphi.  I apologize that it has
the rough-edged feel of something which was thrown together late one
evening, but that's exactly what it is!  <grin>  The Builder version has
grown a bit from those humble beginnings, but I'll have to wait and see
exactly where it ends up - the "tools" you mention are exactly the types of
things I'm considering if they're worth the time to develop.  I'm open to
swapping code for anything that hasn't yet become specific enough to my
particular "main" project to warrant trade secret protection.

 >> I've decided to steer clear of Tcl/Tk and TkLua

  Oops, miscommunication on my part.  No, I don't plan to actually *use*
Tk, but if someone already HAD and IDE written with Tk (or other) I just
wanted to mention that it would still be of interest to me.  I'd just be
looking to borrow ideas as appropriate and implement them on my own in
Windows.  :-)  Mainly I just have this nagging feeling that some of the
ways I've implemented stuff are kind of "slimey" and that there are better
ways, but I haven't focused on it enough to formulate specific questions,
but sometimes just seeing a snippet of even partially-related code can
trigger an instant "A-ha!".  :-)



  (P.S.  Has anyone else had trouble uncompressing the LuaDebug file?  Or
is it just me?  ;-)  I never have seen it, and wonder if I should for this
topic, even though it's for 3.1 which was before my time. <grin>)