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>From Tue Jul 27 22:47:44 1999
>From: Dave Bollinger <>

>   By the way, I realize that the binaries are "unofficial", but...  Just
>how unofficial are they?

unofficial in the sense that we do not guarantee that they'll ever be available.

>   In other words, what will happen when as 3.3 or 4.0 or whatever's next
>is released?  (I've only been around here since the 3.2 beta, so I'm not
>really sure what has happened during version upgrades.)  I understand that
>you don't want to COMMIT to providing binaries for every possible platform
>(yikes!), but for those platforms that you have previously built binaries
>for -- how likely is it that you'll continue to do so in the future?

it is very likely that what we have now will be available in the future.
it's mainly a question of what platforms we have around at TeCGraf.
for instance, we had 3.1 binaries for AIX 3 but we don't have 3.2 binaries
for 3.2 because we no longe have AIX 3 (only AIX 4).
I guess Windows will be around for a while.