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>(including my own ;).  Who'd've thought that learning Lua would turn out
>to be a marketable skill in the games industry?!  Thanks for the info.

   No doubt! Out of curiosity, what are most games developers using Lua for? 

> My understanding is that the DC's OS is _based_ on Windows CE, but has
> been modified a bit.  Still, the development environment is supposed to be

   It's been a little while since I looked into Dreamcast development,
   but my understanding is that the Dreamcast has 2 OSes. The first is
   a Dreamcast specific OS(much like the Saturn and Genesis had) that 
   lets you squeeze speed out of the hardware, and the second is a
   modified version of CE that has DirectX and speed improvements.

> Regarding other messages re: porting to CE and unicode characters, I
> guess they must've solved that issue.  Perhaps Sega could be convinced

   I'd be surprised if they actually modified Lua for full Unicode. You
   can easily write programs for CE that use "char *" for all internal
   strings and then call some conversion function to Unicode whenever you
   want to make an OS call.

   Speaking of porting to CE, if anyone knows of an open-source equivalent
   of a vsprintf implementation that is fairly standalone(i.e. it doesn't
   require big parts of the rest of stdio and doesn't make any internal
   compiler function calls), please let me know.