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Steve Dekorte wrote:
 >>at Sega on the Dreamcast project...just told me that they have Lua
running on it

   Well that's pretty cool.  Lua does seem to be a hot embedded language
for games right now, have noticed quite a few postings about such use
(including my own ;).  Who'd've thought that learning Lua would turn out to
be a marketable skill in the games industry?!  Thanks for the info.

   I assume the contents of their SDK is under a strict NDA, yes?  Would
this include Lua?  Or rather, Sega's *modifications* to Lua - ya think
they'll consider those mods proprietary?

Chris Trimble wrote:
 >> Is this on top of WinCE?

   My understanding is that the DC's OS is _based_ on Windows CE, but has
been modified a bit.  Still, the development environment is supposed to be
Microsoft VC and Direct-X, so it can't be TOO modified.  The base DC
system, I believe, comes with 16M RAM, so plenty of room for Lua.  :)

   Regarding other messages re: porting to CE and unicode characters, I
guess they must've solved that issue.  Perhaps Sega could be convinced to
share those results with TeCGraf for possible future incorporation into the
official language.