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>Since you did this so quickly, I guess it was done
>Could you share your scripts for doing so with us?
>(Roberto has something similar because CGILua uses this.)

Hmmm sorry - this was actually done by hand - with a lot of
search and replace - but compared to when I did it with 3.1
this was rather quickly. You have a space between the
function name and the parameters in the prototype, therefor
it is rather quickly to search and replace all the places where
the function is used because the is no space. I was
considering to create a script but I made a calculation that
said that I could do the conversion in around 8 hours and
writing the scripts and make it all works would properly take

>>We hope that the Lua team will consider this option for
Lua 4.0.

>You must've read our minds. This indeed is our goal for 4.0.

Well go ahead and use my conversion it you like, that why I
made it public this time.