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At 18:38 23/06/99 -0300, you wrote:
>   My guess is that a basic Win32 Lua windowing library could end up
>   under 100K. My big dillemma at the moment is related to basic 
>   architecture: whether to go with basically a Lua interface to HWNDs, or
>   to have a C++ hierarchy exposed to Lua. The former would be easier and
>   smaller, but the latter has a big flexibility advantage.

 We are developing an application for Palm Pilot and We discovered many
straight memory limitations of the PalmOS that makes almost impossible to
port Lua to it.

 Does anyone knows if the Windows CE OS has many memory limitations as the
Palm OS?

  BTW, I suggest you to implement a small library in C (not C++) with and
interface independent of the WinCE SDK. So you can eventually implement
other ports of the library and the LUA+C code will be unchanged.