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> why don't use TKLua? Isn't It portable?

   Quite portable, but TK brings quite a lot of baggage with it. Most
   notably, it needs a copy of the TCL interpreter(for a total of about
   1.2MB). You also end up running into the Java 1.0 problem, where your
   interface is lowest common denominator. If you're using Lua for
   scripting, TKLua makes a lot of sense, but it's much less attractive
   when embedding it.

   My guess is that a basic Win32 Lua windowing library could end up
   under 100K. My big dillemma at the moment is related to basic 
   architecture: whether to go with basically a Lua interface to HWNDs, or
   to have a C++ hierarchy exposed to Lua. The former would be easier and
   smaller, but the latter has a big flexibility advantage.

_Ken (