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	Hi Erik,

> Well I have pretty much rewritten it at this point. These are the problems I
> have found so far:
> - (This is actual a lua thing) The lua_linehook and lua_callhook should be in
> the state
> - The whole thing about states (I have moved all the ldb stuff into the
> state)
> - The curr_loc.file does not get updated correct in all cases (get_location)
> - Deleting a breakpoint  behaves funny (set 3 and delete the first!)
> - I have a problem with the way file is declared in struct loc (*char)
> because garbage collection might free the string that the location is pointed
> to (If the breakpoint is set within a file that a dofile is performed on
> several times). I planning on changing the loc.file to a char[filenamelength]
> but I will ofcause keep the curr_loc.file as a *char for performance. (I
> might need to check the ref stuff more in details - But I seems that there is
> a problem there!)
> Some of the stuff might not be a problem for you, but I need to make the
> system foolproof to make sure that my users cannot crash the it by writing
> funky code .
> I'm rewriting the whole thing because I need the multistate debugging
> function (The "debugger" userinterface is running in one state and the
> "debugged" program in another state) and I'm working om a networked debugger
> (The debugger running on one machine and the debugged state on another) via
> my RPC library!
	Great!  I was thinking...  Why don't you become the responsible
for the debugger?  I'm not using it anymore...  I'm planning a debugger
made in Lua to work with CGILua, which is the system I use at work!  What
do you think?