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On Wed, May 25, 2022 at 11:47:20AM +0200, steve donovan wrote:
> You will definitely need to learn to read the Java/Kotlin APIs to go further.
> Sorry that I can't help much, I don't have much time and it would take
> days to train myself up again - to understand what I was doing!

Thank you so much for what you did so far with AndroLua. I do understand you have
moved on. And if anyone else can help, please do not hesitate!

As I looked in the source code in file there is in function
launchLuaActivity() there is line:
		Intent intent = new Intent(context, LuaActivity.class);
which is same as my commented line in app.lua:
--  myIntent = Content.Intent(me.a, SecondActivity.class)

The problem is I do not know what to put instead of SecondActivity.class
And I have no idea how to use/access value LuaActivity.class in lua.
I tried to read android documentation and did not figure it out.

So here I am stuck. And I do not think it is possible to get
LuaActivity.class for my 'second.lua' file.

Fero Dali