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On Tue, May 24, 2022 at 04:40:44PM +0200, steve donovan wrote:
> Well you are probably more of an expert on AndroLua (and Android) as I
> am, since it is years since I did any Android development!
> So I wish you good luck - and if you get somewhere, maybe you would
> like to take this one over?

Oh no!!! It seems I am doomed :(
If you can not help me, I have no idea where to look for a help then.

I searched internet and found no code where me:intent_for_result()
function is used and I do not know where else to ask :(
All I found is in assets/android/intents.lua file but they all use 
me:intent_for_result() in different way than I want to.

I can only hope for someone to give any further help.

And my capabilities are far, far away from maintaining any package.

Fero Dali