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On Mon, 2020-11-16 at 08:15 -0300, Ranier Vilela wrote:
> > Hi Ranier,
> > 
> > I suggest you thoroughly test your changes and benchmark them
> > before 
> > suggesting changes to the Lua source code, some won't give you any 
> > performance gains (and are likely even slower).
> > 
> I do not agree. 
> If you disagree, you could run benchmarks and prove me wrong.
You're the one suggesting changes here, so it seems reasonable for you
to be one running benchmarks, preferably before posting suggestions.
Why would people include changes that appear to be unjustified?

> > , and some others are plain wrong.
> > 
> I still don't agree. I would like to hear about the Lua Team.

Can you point out why you find the disputed ones correct? There is no
need to ask specific people if code objectivly won't do what it should,
which can be deduced by reading documentation to used functions.

If you specifically want to hear from Lua team, I'd expect changes to
come well-tested and benchmarked, since Lua team's time is valuable and
it is obviously smaller than active part of this mailing list.

v <>