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>>>>> "Ranier" == Ranier Vilela <> writes:

 Ranier> -  if (strcmp(ar.namewhat, "method") == 0) {
 Ranier> +  if (strncmp(ar.namewhat, "method", 6) == 0) {

That's obviously completely wrong, since it would then match any string
_starting with_ "method".

All your other examples of strncmp are wrong for the same reason.

 Ranier> 4. Avoid strlen at lua_pushstring, with a constant "k".

 Ranier> -    lua_pushstring(L, "k");
 Ranier> +    lua_pushlstring(L, "k", 1);

This really isn't likely to be worth it.

 Ranier> 5. fgets returns char * pointer which needs to be compared to
 Ranier> NULL, not 0.

0 is a valid way to say "the null pointer".

 Ranier> Strchr is it's more efficient than strcmp.

It also does something completely different, which is not applicable