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Hello Paul,
I'd need to build wxLua in both x32 and 64b version, and for testing purposes also with Lua 5.1 and 5.3, all Win7/WinX, and all using MS Visual Studio (e.g. with MSVC 2008 - which I have installed on my comp).

(IOW, the goal is to be able to use "require 'wx'" in my Lua scripts, witch option to use wx.dll targeted to Lua 5.1 or 5.3, x32 or 64b build, under Windows.)
You state [0] that you don't plan to put any binaries onto web; so to make wxLua work (and to compile + link wx.dll successfuly) do I have to:
1. download wxWidgets binaries [1] - either straightly or download wxWidgets source and compile them into wxWidget DLLs;

2. get wxLua source [2b]
	- note that [2b] refers to [3], where there is a highlighted statement "Latest wxLua version is: » «", which beats with that on [2a] (wxLua ver. 3+);

3. download and install/setup CMake [4];

4. use CMake to create MSVC project files for wxLua, i.e. .dsp/.dsw or .vcproj/.sln project/solution files;

5. use MSVC combined with .dsp/.vcproj to build wxLua DLLs.
My humble questions:
a) Do I understand or did I deduce the whole process correctly?

b) Would it be possible to fix the ambiguities between latest wxLua version stated on [2a] and [3]?

c) As you don't plan to add wxLua binaries onto your github, would it be possible to place .dsp/.vcproj (built by CMake on your side) onto your github, for MSVC users to avoid individual installing and investigating CMake as .vcproj "mid-provider" for wxLua MSVC project?
Best regards,
[1] e.g.

Sent: Monday, September 14, 2020 at 6:53 AM
From: "Paul K" <>
To: "Lua mailing list" <>
Subject: [ANN] wxlua release
Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce the release of v3.1.0.0 of wxlua [1]. wxlua is
a Lua binding for the cross-platform wxWidgets GUI toolkit.

This release adds support for Lua 5.4 (in addition to Lua 5.1+ and
LuaJIT support), implements several new classes (wxDataViewCtrl,
wxTranslations), includes a large number of improvements/fixes, and
has been tested on the most recent version of wxwidgets (3.1.4) and
its current master branch.

The complete list of the changes in this version (and other 8 releases
since my last announcement more than a year ago) is available in the
repository [2].

I don't have any precompiled binaries (and don't plan to provide
them), but am exploring adding github actions to compile them on
Windows/macOS/Linux, so if anyone has experience with those and can
contribute working scripts, open a PR or an issue to collaborate. I
also don't have Lua 5.3 and Lua 5.4 code included in the wxlua source
tree, but will consider including it if it's needed to simplify the
binary generation.

Let me know if you run into any issues with it or have any other
feedback. Thank you for your support and contributions to the project.