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> Is it safe to conclude

well, nothing is safe, probably they won't go away, but an extra safety measurement is when u can actually fork anything important from ur stack if the worst would come, and thats why turbo and the whole lua universe is really sympathetic to me :)

go is actually kinda neat, but i dont know it well-enough, however i think that ur assumption about taking the lua path is right, while i would still advise u to never save time on researching, planning and making groundwork when u have to make a critical decision, it will most likely yield ur investment :) my needs probably differ from urs, but i do extreme amounts of those fundamental stuffs i listed, and i dont regret none of my choices for my stack, with lua at its hearth :) (btw even if i wanna go for turbo, i strongly believe that i wouldnt cry if i would take the openresty road, and i also saw some other stuffs that made my decisions very hard, so even around lua there are some other nice gems, just i dunno their names from the top of my head)

bests! :)

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