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On 21/02/2020 21:10, Soni "They/Them" L. wrote:
What are some benefits of posting on the Lua mailing list instead of
places like stackoverflow?

Slightly tangential information: StackExchange network is undergoing a bit of a backlash from the community because of how the new management has treated some popular mods and community managers.

See this (too late, IMO) aplogize from an SE representative:

Many users feel exploited or let down by SE network.

See this open letter:

I'm actually on a sort of hiatus from contributing to SE (with some minor exceptions) and I'm really looking forward to seeing how, an Open Source alternative to Stack Exchange, will be faring.

Some of the ones I can think of include:

- The Lua mailing list doesn't have advertisements, other than the
occasional spam or self-promotion. Still, the Lua mailing list doesn't
have paid advertisement slots, "you get an ad every N emails" or any of
that. (at least as far as I can tell.)
- The Lua mailing list doesn't track you. Even if it does collect your
emails, it doesn't track your time spent reading or writing them or
anything like that.
- The Lua mailing list doesn't try to gamify assistance. There's no
incentive to farm any sort of points on the Lua mailing list.
- Email signatures.

What (else) brings you here?


-- Lorenzo