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> > e) Unmaintained with regards to Lua versions - i.e. library was never
> > updated to work with 5.3. The question is whether the library is
> > useful enough to put the effort in upgrading it.
> Is this very frequent? I mean, what in 5.3 prevents a 5.2 or 5.1
> library to run in Lua 5.3?

Maybe not. I have two examples I was interested in:

In the end regarding the first use case I chose Torch.
Porting any library is an effort for someone ... and you don't know
how much effort until you start.

> At the other extreme, in 2018 I reworked my libraries to use a single
> source that targets 5.3 but includes with a simple compat header that
> can handle 5.2 and 5.1 (and even 5.0, if the need for that ever
> arose). I'm very happy with the libraries now.
> My libraries also build out of the box in Linux and macOS, if Lua is
> installed in the standard places. I also wrote a Makefile that was
> supposed to be LuaRocks friendly but I never could get a confirmation
> that the simple rock I wrote was the right thing. And so unfortunately
> I haven't uploaded rocks for my libraries. (Some kind people have done
> but I'm not sure they are for my current libraries.)

I am interested in your maths libraries and would be happy to include
in Suravi, but some of them appear to have external dependencies (and
on Windows these dependencies can be a problem), and I do not know if
you have documentation for any - documentation is essential for people
to use a library. I would recommend putting them all the libraries in