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> e) Unmaintained with regards to Lua versions - i.e. library was never
> updated to work with 5.3. The question is whether the library is
> useful enough to put the effort in upgrading it.

Is this very frequent? I mean, what in 5.3 prevents a 5.2 or 5.1
library to run in Lua 5.3?

At the other extreme, in 2018 I reworked my libraries to use a single
source that targets 5.3 but includes with a simple compat header that
can handle 5.2 and 5.1 (and even 5.0, if the need for that ever
arose). I'm very happy with the libraries now.

My libraries also build out of the box in Linux and macOS, if Lua is
installed in the standard places. I also wrote a Makefile that was
supposed to be LuaRocks friendly but I never could get a confirmation
that the simple rock I wrote was the right thing. And so unfortunately
I haven't uploaded rocks for my libraries. (Some kind people have done
but I'm not sure they are for my current libraries.)