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Given the recent talk about creating a good set of batteries for Lua -
I would like to pitch my own project Suravi - Don't be fooled by the
name - it is a fully Lua 5.3 compatible set of batteries.

The goals of this project are:

a) Create a set of high quality libraries that have been tested and
can be relied upon.
b) Libraries must at least support Linux, Windows and Mac OSX x86-64 platforms.
c) Libraries must have tests and good documentation. A goal of the
Suravi project is to create a unified set of documentation.

These are not easy goals and I have already spent many person days of
effort trying to achieve above for the libraries already selected.
While I have made progress, there is still maintenance effort required
to upgrade some of the libraries to latest versions etc. and fix
issues in some libraries.

I am happy to move this project to a better location, and grant access
to contributors who are keen to see a set of well tested, reliable
libraries for Lua on common platforms.