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On Sat, 1 Feb 2020 at 23:43, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
<> wrote:
> > creating a github "Lua Community" organization to manage a list of community
> > endorsed Lua projects (independant from Luarocks) and to use issues/pull
> > requests for disscusion and improvements about which project should be endorse
> > and whatsoever.
> That is a great suggestion! Please go ahead.

Didn't people try this already?
Lua wiki
Kepler project

Why would any new initiative succeed?

Having said that I think github is a good way to drive a set of libraries.
I would welcome contributors to Suravi - which is my own effort in
this area. Happy to give commit rights to people who are serious about
this and want to help out. But I am skeptical anyone will come